CAIT’s Role in Enhancing Acceptance of Digital Payments

CAIT has organised more than 100 trainings with partners in 2015, including “Train the Trainer” workshops in over 20 cities across the country through which we were successful in reaching out to over 100,000 traders.

CAIT was also fortunate to receive letters of appreciation, with words of encouragement in continuing our efforts, from both Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Union Minister of Finance, Shri Arun Jaitley.


  • Created over 1,000 trader champions across several states through our ‘Train The Trainer’ program. The trader champions are entrusted with promoting the message of adopting electronic payments and through their outreach, we have managed to reach approximately 100,000 other traders nationwide.

  • Reached over 2,500 industrial associations under CAIT, across industrial sectors across 17 states.

  • Conducted over 100 workshops, seminars and trader conferences emphasizing CAIT’s commitment to accelerate use of digital payments.

2016 GOALS

  • Reach 50,000 trader leaders and create champions for promoting digital transactions, and through them, reach over 50 lakh traders. This will be done through more than 40,000 trade federations, associations and chambers, across the country.

  • Engage with diversified trade groups such as farmers, hawkers, transporters, truck owners, small industries, consumers, vendors, self-employed groups and women entrepreneurs to form a consortium to take the less-cash campaign forward to their respective constituency, including last mile solutions.

  • Organise workshops, seminars, trainings and trader conferences to educate and empower the larger community for adoption of digital payments.

  • Engage with academics, economists, think tanks and other key influencers to develop and drive messaging on the value of electronic payments.

  • Leverage social and digital media to raise awareness and advocate the less-cash vision as spelled out by the Government of India.

  • Support our campaign through collaterals and content to provide an evidence based advocacy platform for the Non Corporate Sector.

  • Adopt city/states to drive ‘cashless policy’ where we may look at adopting key cities and promote the model of ‘state cashless policy’. We will also work on lines of ‘100 smart cities’ of Central Government and aim for at least 25 cashless cities in 3 years.

Organised More Than 100 Trainings
Traders Reached by Workshops
Engage With Academics, Economists, and Think Tanks
Adopt Cities/States to Drive Cashless Policy

Less Cash societies are well known in the world for their positive effects on economic growth as a result of the opportunity to promote financial inclusion. To learn more read the full Less Cash Roadmap book.